The Winery and Organic Production

Bodega en la Alpujarra, en la Alquería de Morayma

The winery at the Alqueria has been designed, built, and equipped specifically for the preparation of organic wines – grapes from our own vineyards, tended by hand, aided by the most up to date technological equipment currently available.

Visita de San Blas, patrón de Cádiar, a la bodega de la Alquería de MoraymaThe layout in the winery is simple, and above all practical. Sloping floors make them easy to clean.- high standards of hygiene are paramount. To avoid using pumps, wherever possible work stations are arranged to use gravity to transfer liquids from one container to another. For example, the grapes are separated from their stalks and leaves, pressed, and the resulting juice runs by gravity into vats. In the next stage these too will be emptied by gravity into vats on a lower level.

Making the Wine

When the grapes arrive at the winery  they are tipped straightaway into the machine that strips them of stalks and leaves. They are then macerated.

The paste goes directly to the press in the the case of white  grapes, and in the case of red grapes it remains in a container for a week where it is stirred daily and allowed to develop its natural colour, and particular red wine characteristics.

The juice (mosto) that runs out of the press  then goes to the fermentation vats. To avoid problems with oxydation and microbiological changes certain sulphur compounds are added. At the Alqueria we try to use the minimum possible. As our grapes have a naturally high sugar content and acidity we scarely use any. In compliance with our organic ideals nothing more is added.

Fermentation changes sugar into alcohol and other compounds: This reaction produces heat. For this reason  fermentation takes place on the lowest floor of the winery where the temperature is cooler (too high a temperature results in the loss of aromas). For white wines the temperature is maintained between 17 -20 degrees centigrade for approximately 10 to 15 days.

After it’s been fermented the liquid is cloudy and therefore has to be cleared. The  liquid is separated from any solid residues to avoid unwanted smells and flavours.

Sala de crianzaTHE WINE CELLARS: The wine is finally  put  into wooden barrels in the cool, dark quiet of the vaults, to develop it special unique qualities.

En la sala de crianza o “sacristía” se encuentran las barricas en la oscuridad, silencio y templanza de la cueva, criandose con amor. En este lugar te separas del tiempo y del espacio. Te unes al vino y te conviertes en nada.