The Vineyards

Viña y sol de Rafael Guillén, premio nacional de literatura

The Alqueria de Morayma vineyards are at an altitude of 1.000.metres, between two mountain ranges, the south face of the Sierra Nevada and the northern flanks of the Contraviesa. Here we have two hectares of red wine grapes, and a little lower down the white wine grape Vigiriega which is native to the Alpujarra.

Of the different types of red wine grape we grow primarily Tempranillo, (51% of our production), named for its short growing cycle and early ripening fruit. However, it is actually the Merlot grape (15% ) that is the first to ripen here. Syrah grapes constitute 30%  and Carbernet Fran and Cabernet Sauvignon make up the remainder.

There is always something of interest to see in the vineyards but especially when the first buds apear and the flowers come out, or the deeping colours (el envero) of the red grapes as they come to maturity.

The Grape Harvest

Racimos a punto para vendimiarOur visitors are welcome to participate in the harvest. The precise date cannot, of course,  be fixed as it depends on when the right balance of sweetness and acidity in the grape is obtained – but it is usually in the month of September.

The vines are cultivated on the highest ground above the finca, on a hill above the winery. Being so close this means we can  press the grapes the day they are picked.

We usually start picking early in the morning, and in the afternoon after a communal lunch round the big wooden table we start the process of removing  the stalks and twigs and preparing the grapes for pressing.

The grapes are then taken down the hill in crates – these are well ventilated and easy to clean and, most important, the bunches are  carefully positioned in their containers to avoid squashing the grapes before they get to the press.